City of Oaks Funeral Home & Cremation

Peter Joseph Benoit

Cary, North Carolina

Age 78.
Died 02/08/2024.

Peter Joseph Benoit
In Loving Memory of Peter Joseph Benoit

Peter Joseph Benoit, beloved husband of Betsy Cathcart Benoit, passed away peacefully on February 8, 2024. He was 78 years old.

Peter was a devoted father to Robert (Brandice) Scott and Brian (Jaime) Scott. Born in New Haven Connecticut to Aram and Anne Benoit, he was a cherished brother to Jack (Kathy) Benoit, Kenny (Sandra) Benoit, Joe (Ellyn) Benoit, Mark Benoit and Anne Crehan. He adored his grandchildren Hailey and Silas, was an uncle to many nieces and nephews, and was a loving brother-in-law to Trip (Karen) Cathcart, Joy Scott, and Jean (Ron) Burger.

Peter touched the lives of many through his dedicated work as a respiratory therapist, serving at hospitals in New Haven, CT and Boca Raton, FL. He later transitioned into a career in insurance sales, where his compassionate nature and friendly demeanor endeared him to his clients.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Peter found joy in his hobbies. An avid pool player, he was known to his brothers and local pool enthusiasts as 'The Babe' because he was the Babe Ruth of pool. Peter was also a loyal supporter of the New York Yankees, and enjoyed reminiscing about his days playing the game with friends and family.

He was a devout Catholic and found solace and strength in his faith. Despite facing physical challenges from an early age, Peter faced adversity with remarkable courage and resilience. Throughout it all, his unwavering positivity inspired all who knew him.

Peter will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and all who had the privilege of knowing him. His memory will live on in the hearts of those he loved and who loved him. His family takes comfort in knowing that Peter is truly "happy, healthy and terrific", resting in the arms of the Lord.

A funeral mass will be held at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Cary, NC on February 26th at 11:00a.m. to celebrate Peter's life. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to St. Michael's Catholic Church.

For additional information or for service details, please reach out to the family directly.

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As an alternative to traditional cremation, City of Oaks Funeral Home also offers Aquamation. The Aquamation process, often referred to as alkaline hydrolysis, uses a solution of water and potassium hydroxide to facilitate natural decomposition.

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